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HMRC Scams

Scams scams scams. Everyday there are a plethora of scams and phising and a myriad of ways criminals are trying to get their hands on your hard earned dosh.

At this time, there are many CIS Sub Contractors trying to get their tax refunds.

So, please be aware of any HMRC Text Messages, Emails, messages.

The scammers are guessing that you may be after a refund. And even if you're not, if you see the words "Tax" and "Refund" in the same sentence let's be honest, it grabs your attention.

Just in March, I was reading, HMRC received 84,000 reports of phishing. And that's just the ones reported! I never report them I just delete them, so how many are floating around?

So you need to be aware.

NEVER click a link from an email from HMRC. Instead visit their website from typing into your browser.

I don't know of any occassion when HMRC have sent a text about a refund. If you receive one, don't call the number, don't click anything. Go to and find their real number there. Log into your account.

And if "HMRC" call you to tell you you have a refund, it's a scam. Definately. HMRC are not currently offering refunds - you have to chase it and chase it.

The scammer will try to get your log in information or personal info which gives them access to your accounts with HMRC then they put in their bank details and get your refund.

There's more information here which is where I got this information from.

Keep an eye out. Be aware.

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