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Remote Accountancy the Answer to Soaring Costs

On a recent visit to London, I was stirred by the wonderful architecture and the grandeur of the historical buildings in Westminster. I was amazed to learn that the Houses of Parliament or more aptly named the Palace of Westminster contain 1000 rooms linked by two miles of corridors. There is a post office, a police station, a hairdressing salon, a travel agency and a miniature rifle range! Not to mention a dedicated chess room and fourteen bars and restaurants with no alcohol restrictions! An accountancy firm a notable omission!

As I strolled down Whitehall and passed by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office I could sense the history of the British Empire that once exercised authority over a quarter of the world’s population, an empire that it was said ‘the sun never set’.

The splendour of these surroundings stirred in me a feeling of wanting to be a part of this great metropolis. To live and practice accountancy here would be such an inspiring experience.

On further investigation however, my aspirations were somewhat dented, but not completely extinguished.

Let me explain. What cost would be involved in living and working in the Capital?

Reading the following statistics made me think again:

Midlands London

3 Bedroom Apartment / house (monthly rent) £694.44 £3,313.37

Business Shoes £59.17 £72.23

Lunch at inexpensive restaurant £7.50 £12.75

Utilities (gas electric etc. monthly average) £103.33 £136.60

Clearly being literally part of this great city was not going to be a viable option.

However, on reflection the aspiration wasn’t completely lost. Those crippling cost would affect other accountants working here too. That's why we have many London based clients. Serving clients in London, but working from our Midlands office fulfills the dream. With living and working costs reduced we provide top quality service at an affordable price. We look forward to caring for businesses in this great city.

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