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Welcome to easy CIS

Thanks for visiting us today.

We try to make filing and submitting your CIS tax returns as easy as possible.

Please complete the form to the side and we'll call you or email you for more information. Please feel free to ask any questions too. We'll do our best to answer them.

There are 4 services we offer under the easyCIS scheme:

1) Just the CIS return and basic expense claims. This suits you if you just simply work as a sub-contractor and you don't have lot's of income and expenses. 

2) You have CIS but you also have expenses - maybe travel expenses and some tools or materials costs in the year. You're quite happy to add those up and send the totals for the tax return. You'll send us the total CIS income, the tax deducted and the totals spent on expenses. We'll send you a form to fill in (online or in the post if you prefer). 

3) Same as number 2) but instead, you'd like us to add up all the receipts and total it all up.

4) You're a little bigger perhaps than 2 or 3 and you'd like some more input - perhaps you need us to look at VAT or you want to grow the business or need accounts for mortgage purposes.

We're qualified accountants, so we can do any type of business and services so please contact us whateveryour needs.


T&C apply.

1) from £79*

2) from £99*

3) from £149*

4) we'll agree fees with you in advance.

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