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We can assist you with your book-keeping requirements, whether they be online, on your computer or by hand. We've recetly introduced a new range of "packaged" accounting services, which includes online book-keeping packages and support. 

Management reporting

An area we have a lot of success with is our monthly, quarterly or bi-annual reporting packages. It's an area we really enjoy being involved with, as we get to help by regularly providing information to help you make informed and timely decisions in running your business. It can help you to avoid pitfalls and see if something is going askew - rather than looking back 12 months later and seeing it too late.


As qualified accountants, we of course can complete your annual accounts and financial statements. If that's all you need - that's fine we can do that. In addition, we have found that clients like that we explain the figures in plain english, we help them to understand what they actually mean and how they can use the information. We try to go beyond just 'doing the accounts'.

Business Planning and Business Startup

We love working with new business and startups. Getting us involved right from the off can help you with your planning and finances and offer guidance to get you going. We get excited about new ventures and pride ourselves on having helped many businesses get a head start. We often get involved from really early on - when you've only just had the idea and need to run the idea past someone else and get some early numbers in place. Call us early - remember first consultation is free with no pressure...!

Of course, we complete your tax returns. But we also spend time reviewing the taxation position you have and if we can save you tax we will make you aware of areas which could be best planned to save you the maximum amount possible. 


Please let us know throughout the year if you have anything which might afect your tax and we can make sure it's all set up in the best way. Even if you're not sure if we need to know - tell us; we're always happy to hear from you. 

Payroll PAYE AE Pensions VAT etc..

We'll help you keep the payroll VAT and ae pensions all in line and meet all the new deadlines that have been brought in. 


Can you do all this yourself? Yes of course. But why spend time on admin when you can spend time on developing and growing your business. 

CIS Sub contractors

We also have a special fixed fee CIS Sub-contractor's system. You submit all the information to us via the internet, and we have a 3 day turnaround. So from filing your data with us to it being filed with HMRC and your refund calcluated, in less than three days. Please contact us for more information.

Three levels of submission:

CIS Certificates only £79

CIS and provided totals of expenses £99

CIS and we'll list out all the invoices and receipts £149

This is for CIS sub contractors less than £50k gross, not VAT reg, and no other income. If you have other requirements, larger turnover etc  let us know, we have a menu pricing for add on services. Terms and conditions apply. 

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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