August 2, 2016

Had contact with a client last week who had an issue with a virus called zepto.

I've heard of the ransomware viruses but not had any experience of them. 

So, basically what happened was someone had their email account hacked and the baddies used this hacked account to send out this zepto virus to all the contacts. Usually you'd spot it, but they had even lo...

May 30, 2016

I've always get swamped with email. My idea is, or was, that if an email came in with something to do, like information about someones accounts, or a bill to pay, I'd leave it in the inbox to remind me to do it. A bit like a "to do" list. 


I want a Zero Inbox. Nothing there. When I think of it, I hear a little 'ding' and some sparkly music like you'd get...

May 2, 2016


Very pleased to have again won an award.


This year we actually won two awards:


Client Choice Award: Best SME Accountancy & Tax Firm - UK

Best Regional Accountants – Midlands 2015" and "Client Choice Award: Best in Class for Customer Service"







April 4, 2016


Good day to you. We're busy considering the implications and impacts of auto enrollment. I recently attended a conference all about it and the speaker stated "the cost of doing business in the UK just went up". 


I thought this was a little OTT. But the more we look into it, the more I am tending to agree with him. 


It's the compliance costs which wi...

November 29, 2015

Tax Advantages the main advantage of running your business as a limited company is that you are likely to pay less tax than a sole trader. As a company director you can choose to take a small salary and minimise the amount of National Insurance Contributions you will have to pay and take the rest of your income in the form of dividends, which are taxed se...

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